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Discover the seas of the Algarve aboard Punta Paloma

What we have to offer

Blue Captures practices all types of fishing with special emphasis on the Big Game, which includes Blue Marlins, White Marlins, Tunas and Swordfish.

The Blue Captures fishing team has already established itself, on several occasions, as National Champion


Blue Captures is committed to using the best practices of sustainable sport fishing, respecting sporting ethics and fighting fairly. All Big Game fish are released, except in the event of death or serious injury during combat or if a record is suspected.

Each fisherman receives a Capture & Release certificate and photos of all the fish caught.

Blue Marlin 2.jpg

Blue Marlin

July to October

fishing 40 miles from the coast

€ 1,600 / day

Foto Espadarte.jpg


All year

Price to consult


White Marlin

August to October

€ 1,400 / day


Foto Jigging.jpg


All year

Price to consult


Tuna fish

May to July

€ 1,500 / day


Pesca de fundo.jpg

Background / Large Background

All year

Price to consult

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